Monday, April 25, 2016

Review: My best friend's exorcism a novel

Promising idea that needed a better editor.

Since elementary school, Abby and Gretchen have been inseparable. From sleepovers, to cafeteria lunches, vacations -- you will never find one without the other. But after an acid trip (it was the 80's) gone wrong, their friendship will be tested when a demon follows them home. 

The story began with an older Abby, now divorced and wiser, telling us about her friendship with Gretchen. Sadly, the author never really returns to this voice, but rather continues the story in a linear form, allowing us to accompany the girls from elementary to high school. In fact, the horror takes such a long time to appear, that the plot felt more contemporary than anything. The details about the girls families, friendships and Abby's acne filled skin are numerous, and worse, the author prolongs the story way too much after said possession. None of the characters ever take responsibilities for their actions, and the police and school investigations regarding the possession just didn't seem plausible. 

All in all not for me, although I did enjoy the 80's song list titles.