Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Review: Perfect Scoundrels

Just as Kat and Hale's relationship is getting serious, his grandma passes away and Kat's suddenly confronted with Hale's family life. Why didn't she notice how close they were -- or how lonely he is now that she is gone? As Kat struggles to stay in Hale's life, a case comes up about grandma's will being fake. Can Kat tell Hale, even if it means that he will be written off as heir?

Loyalty is the theme behind this third book of the Heist Society Series as Kat learns that you don't really need to choose a boyfriend vs work. The best thing about Kat is that although she's always learning things, she doesn't make the same mistake twice. The tension grew more intense as the squad reunited for a major heist. For this one, Kat will not only need her uncle but her Dad too. Making it a full family affair.

Hopefully, we'll get to see a fourth book.  

Friday, March 27, 2015

Feature and Follow Friday: Spread the news

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Q: Have you ever been to BEA? If not, what's stopping you?

School finals stopped me from going last year, but this time is different as I will be graduating next month!! I would love to see Mindy Kaling live as well as several of the YA authors signed up for the event.

What advice would you give new BEA attendees?

Book and Movie Challenge: The Duff & Insurgent

Romance and Action --  who can ask for a better weekend?

The Duff

Despite the differences between the book and the movie, the subject of self-confidence was well examined, and I must say, somewhat inspirational. Bianca feels invisible after a school mate, Wesley, points out where she ranks in terms of hotness compared to her friends. Instantly, Bianca feels ugly, unfriending all of them from social media. Determined to shine on her own, she goes as far as to seek advice from Wesley (yeah, I know how pathetic that sounds) in regards to dress code and guy approach only to realize the importance of being herself. The movie had less sexual tension than the book, but was certainly funnier. I'd wait for the video though 3/5


The film opens with an action scene, giving us a taste of just how climatic the experience will be. Tris and Four are hiding out with a fellow dauntless (yes, Caleb is with them too) in the amity camp. Unfortunately their presence is not welcomed. Not only is Tris having problems adjusting to the outside world, but deep down, the remorse over her parents and Will's death is taking its toll on her. 

Just like in the movie, the special effects are impressive when it comes to the simulations. The only thing missing for me to rate the movie a 5 would be the connection between Shailene and Theo. Even the actor himself said that the sex scene was the funniest scene to shoot. Ouch! What happened? They were so much closer in Divergent  4/5

**If you've reviewed this film or any other movie adaptation this month, please make sure to leave your link below. I'm always searching for movies to watch or be aware of (renting isn't cheap, let's help each other out.)

Friday, March 20, 2015

Feature and Follow Friday: Wildest Moments

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Q: Have you ever been inspired by a book character to do something?

There are sooo many adrenaline junkies in YA

I did a whole piece on this a while back after Tris, Bella, and several other YA MC's inspired me to fly for the first time. Aside from showing me how I can get out of my comfort zone, book characters have also taught me to be loyal to my friends, stay positive and the importance of reconsidering certain decisions.

Who's your inspiration?

Monday, March 16, 2015

Review: Both of Me

Ever meet a guy with a double personality?

The first time Clara encountered Elias, he ended up with her bag by mistake. He had attitude about it too, and Clara was forced to wait a whole day to get it back. It was only until Elias's mother explained he had a multiple personality disorder that things began to make sense. Sort off! It turns out Elias has a calling across the country to  help a Kingdom far away, and Clara is destined to go along so that he may be whole again.

"If my brain finds whatever it wants in the real world, the other one won't need to create a new one to search in."

At first sight, I believed Both of Me to be a new YA take on Bridge to Terabithia, but when both characters set out on a road trip (their quest)  the story took a different shape. Sadly, new characters were introduced way too fast, and Elias decided to change his name and Clara's, so that we could differentiate when he was switching personalities which made the story more crowded. Every little obstacle they encountered always got resolved too fast.

On the plus side, the plot twist at the end was incredible.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Book and Movie Challenge: Fifty Shades Of Grey

Can't believe midterms got in the way of this year's challenge, but now that it's all behind me, I was finally able to  relax and catch up on some movie adaptations.

Fifty Shades of Grey

Had to come in shades for this one

It is not by far an uncommon opinion that Jamie Dornan was not the most suitable actor to take on the role of Christian Grey. Something about him feels too soft, not at all what a BDSM experience should look like (at least not in my head). The script did not vary far from the book, except for the rules not being as strongly applied. It still revolved around the infamous contract that Anastasia refused to sign. Although, I must say that in the movie it seemed like she was taunting him by not signing, more that being reluctant about the whole process. Neither of the actors appear to be enjoying their roles which is where the biggest tragedy lies. Both Gone with the Wind and Dirty Dancing leads didn't not get along and yet they made their relationship swoon onscreen. Too bad these two couldn't take a few hints from them.

**If you've reviewed this film or any other movie adaptation this month, please make sure to leave your link below. I'm always searching for movies to watch or be aware of (renting isn't cheap, let's help each other out.)

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Review: Paper Towns

Paper towns aren't marked on maps -- they're wallflowers - tiny little towns that not everyone gets to see unless they happen to stumble upon them accidentally.

After Margo Roth Spiegelman's latest disappearance -- she tends to disappear a lot --  Q obsesses over every single clue she left behind, because in his mind, Margo wants to be found by him. And only him. Hence so begins a race against the clock as Quentin's infatuation with Margo leads him to think she will commit suicide in a paper town if he doesn't find her on time.

Instalove is a lot less uncomfortable to read when it's corresponded. I failed to see the spark that Quentin did. But even though his character's state of mind and mine disagreed, John Green's writing skills are hard to deny. Heck, after several pages, I started to beliveve Quentin too, until the story began to make sense. No one really knows who Margo is. Especially not Q who spent his time loving her from afar...

Looking forward to the movie starting Cara Delevingne and Nat Wolff.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Feature and Follow Friday: fell in love with the rebound

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Q: Do you have any fury friends?

Une photo publiée par natalia (@natyuniverse) le

Latte. My super cuddly co-blogger and partner in crime.

After my dog passed away, I wasn't ready to get another one. Not just yet. Plus, school takes up a lot of time right now to give a puppy long walks. Latte is quite easier to handle. Unlike hamsters, guinea pigs sleep at night, allowing us to spend some quality time every day without compromising my snooze time.

Do you have a pet?

Monday, March 2, 2015

Review: The Body Electric

As I lay myself to sleep, I want to drift away to my favorite memory. 

Well now, it's possible, thanks to Ella's mom machine The Reverie. The whole spa process is quite popular, and people pay good money to relive a precious moment (particularly about loved ones that passed away). But what if the machine could do more? Like spy on people's brains and seek deep into their deepest secrets?

The Body Electric marks Beth Revis' return after the Across the Universe series and this time she takes sci-fi into a whole other level. Ella's world has exceeded our own (I sure hope so ) technological capacities as humans can be injected nanobots, that would make them healthier. Ella's dad invented this technology and used it on his wife to keep her alive. But the nanobots seems to deter after a while of constant use.  The military, on the other hand, seem keen on collecting all the info for personal use. Ella, must choose who to trust, whether it is the government or a group of young rebels who claim she's been allied with them all along.

The plot was cautiously planned, with Ella having to use both of her parents inventions to achieve her own power. Sadly, in terms of romance, the book did not compare to Revis' previous work. There was too much going on to allow Jack to reconquer Ella, whom unfortunately had no recollection of him whatsoever.

Prepared to be astounded, but not swooned.