Monday, March 2, 2015

Review: The Body Electric

As I lay myself to sleep, I want to drift away to my favorite memory. 

Well now, it's possible, thanks to Ella's mom machine The Reverie. The whole spa process is quite popular, and people pay good money to relive a precious moment (particularly about loved ones that passed away). But what if the machine could do more? Like spy on people's brains and seek deep into their deepest secrets?

The Body Electric marks Beth Revis' return after the Across the Universe series and this time she takes sci-fi into a whole other level. Ella's world has exceeded our own (I sure hope so ) technological capacities as humans can be injected nanobots, that would make them healthier. Ella's dad invented this technology and used it on his wife to keep her alive. But the nanobots seems to deter after a while of constant use.  The military, on the other hand, seem keen on collecting all the info for personal use. Ella, must choose who to trust, whether it is the government or a group of young rebels who claim she's been allied with them all along.

The plot was cautiously planned, with Ella having to use both of her parents inventions to achieve her own power. Sadly, in terms of romance, the book did not compare to Revis' previous work. There was too much going on to allow Jack to reconquer Ella, whom unfortunately had no recollection of him whatsoever.

Prepared to be astounded, but not swooned.


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