Sunday, November 15, 2015

Review: Finding Audrey

In many ways, it's impossible not to relate with Audrey's character

After a bully incident left Audrey under clinical stress, she finds herself unable to leave home. Just the thought of talking to a stranger gets her in a panic. She even wears sunglasses to shield herself from her own family. But can her brother's new friend Linus, and a video project help Audrey get better...and fast?

Kinsella's debut in YA doesn't mean she'd leave her roots behind. She's used to writing quirky, at times over the top, female characters and she certainly has lots fun with Audrey's parents. The whole bully incident is quite covered up. As Audrey suggests, this is a personal matter and she doesn't need to let us know the details (except that it hurt, a lot). Although I found it frustrating at times of quarrels, I'm glad Kinsella never revealed that secret. It would only have caused readers to judge Audrey unnecessarily: Why did she break down just for that? I've seen worse, bla bla bla. 

A large welcome to Sophie Kinsella in the YA realm.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Review: Vanishing Girls

Sisters share many things... but a boy shouldn't be one of them.

After a traumatic car crash, Nicole (Nick) wants to get close to her sister Dara again. But it won't be easy. Dara is not accepting any of her invitations, even framing Nick for a party faux-pas. If only Dara would understand how much Nick cares for her. If only Nick could remember what happened that crazy night of the crash.

Told in a dual point-of-view between Dara and Nick, as well as with after and before the accident chapters (yes, this gets confusing at times), we get a glimpse at both sides of the coin. Dara comes out as an extrovert and makes it easy to relate to her emotions. But Nick is the opposite. She hides her true feelings from Parker (her crush), Dara, and even her parents. Therefore, Oliver focused more chapters on Nick, piercing the mystery even more. Add a case of a 
missing nine-year-old neighborhood girl and you get a thriller. The book includes emails, photographs and diary entries to serve as clues.

Although, some of the ending revelations were too coincidental, the book left me guessing until the end.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Top Ten Tuesdays: Stay Tuned



Room  (book by Emma Donoghue)

Written under the voice of a five-year-old living in captivity, the novel is downright heartbreaking. Aside from bringing a pile full of tissues, and waterproof mascara, you might consider avoiding this very late at night or downloading that virtual companion app to walk home safely.  

Mockingjay Part II (book by Suzanne Collins)

The poster alone says we are in for a visual treat. After the three first movies, Mockingjay seems more than apt to provide that crazy farewell conclusion with a hoopla of expensive explosions. And lots of Peeta scenes!! 

Pride Prejudice and Zombies (book by Seth Graham-Smith)

The novel was way more humorous than gory, and although, I get the feeling that the film will remain faithful to that version, I still want to see it. Mostly for the lavish gowns. 

A Monster Calls (book by Patrick Ness)

The movie poster is not out yet, but the film is a done deal. This book is heartbreaking, five star worthy, please-hug-me material, and my advise is that whatever you do, don't go watch this alone. 

The Little Prince (book by Antoine de Saint-Exupery)

So the movie didn't make it to Quebec Canada (the trailer did though, go figure), and I'm still waiting to see what became of this pretty adaptation. 

The 5th Wave (book by Rick Yancey)

Aliens return to the big screen!! Did I mention that they look hot too?    

Victor Frankenstein (book by Mary Shelley)

Daniel Radcliffe. Enough said!

Batman v Superman (DC Comics)

The wait is long with this one. All the way until March. Christmas better go by fast.

Alice Through the Looking Glass  (book by Lewis Carroll)

The teaser trailer appeared last week, and the film looks good. The cinematography was great with the first one, and I'm certain Disney will put in as much effort this time around. 

 And finally Allegiant 

What movie adaptation are you looking for?

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Review: Chemistry

"This is what happens when I fall in love. It's poisonous. It's deadly."

Claude Frollo can be described as judgmental, arrogant, and manipulative. He grew up unloved, going from a foster home to a church sanctuary where he finds solace in Valentine, a disabled teen that resides with him. Together, they dedicate themselves to their high school studies. Until Esmeralda appears. If only she would see how perfect Claude and her could be together. He must have her no matter the cost. 

Of all the characters in The Hunchback of Notre-Dame, Claude is the least charismatic. It was entertaining to see the author give him the stage light and focus this YA retelling with an antagonist in the lead. The closer Claude got to Esmeralda, the more problems he created. His selfishness always prevailed, but his childhood background helped us understand why he would do such things. Regardless of the one sided instaloves in the story (Phoebus is also present), the novel remained entertaining, keeping the reader wondering how low Claude could go to keep Esmeralda by his side. 

Loved it!