Thursday, July 28, 2016

Review: Fairest

And the most villainous alien Queen award goes to Levana. Not only does she impersonate ex-lovers to seduce her prey, she's also manipulative, possessive, selfish and makes a horrible babysitter.

After an incident left her disfigured, Levana is forced to use a glamour 24/7 in order to communicate with others. Regardless of how beautiful she appears or how helpful she tries to be -- no one wants her around. Until Emret, a palace guard, gives her a pendant. The only gift she will receive that year. Instantly, Levana vows to marry him at any cost. Why is it so hard to make someone love her? How long can she keep forcing herself on others until they fight back. As Levana says ''Love is a war'' (Or a battlefield if you prefer Benatar's version)

Meyer provided enough background to help us understand why Queen Levana embodies such a cruelty in Lunar. I loved seeing glimpses of Winter, Cress and Selene. And can now move on to the final book with a more in-depth perspective.