Thursday, August 25, 2016

Review: This Shattered Wolrd

What a mess of feels

This second book in the series introduces us to Lee and Flynn; a captain (girl power) and a soldier from different sides of the conflict who uncover a hidden conspiracy. Crew members are changing personalities, people are dying, and the only way these two can solve the puzzle is by uniting. 

Although Lilac and Tarver returned for a quick cameo, I felt cheated in terms of the action in the story. The outer space background was rarely felt, until the 3/4 when the characters go to see the stars. And the over the top flashbacks were difficult to follow. 

''She casts her gaze down, burning with embarrassment, and finds the photo in her hands is bleeding.'' 

I couldn't tell if the authors wanted to gain sympathy for Lee or simply tried to keep the action pace going (the reason why can be found in the 4/4 of the story). But the most difficult part was seeing Flynn turn his instalust feelings for Lee into I would die for you love

All in all, these new characters were difficult to get attached to. I kept wondering if one of them dies in this prewar, would I be really care?