Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Review: Asking for it

We teach women how not to get raped, hoping we can protect them from the disastrous consequences.
As if that could stop the planet from turning. Bad things happen, even to people that are aware that life is complicated, and a heartbreak or need for attention can lead to unwanted situations.

Without getting into the details (yes, the book is explicit on this) Emma gets raped at a party while under the influence of several substances, and the video gets posted online. Lots of people around her will focus on that. Had she been sober, she could've ''prevented it,'' the guys who took advantage of her were ''sweet kids'' while Emma constantly puts others down.

The author did a good move by making Emma a dislikable character from the start. She made the reader distant and unattached. I couldn't sympathize with Emma and yet at the same time wished for justice.