Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Review: Vanishing Girls

Sisters share many things... but a boy shouldn't be one of them.

After a traumatic car crash, Nicole (Nick) wants to get close to her sister Dara again. But it won't be easy. Dara is not accepting any of her invitations, even framing Nick for a party faux-pas. If only Dara would understand how much Nick cares for her. If only Nick could remember what happened that crazy night of the crash.

Told in a dual point-of-view between Dara and Nick, as well as with after and before the accident chapters (yes, this gets confusing at times), we get a glimpse at both sides of the coin. Dara comes out as an extrovert and makes it easy to relate to her emotions. But Nick is the opposite. She hides her true feelings from Parker (her crush), Dara, and even her parents. Therefore, Oliver focused more chapters on Nick, piercing the mystery even more. Add a case of a 
missing nine-year-old neighborhood girl and you get a thriller. The book includes emails, photographs and diary entries to serve as clues.

Although, some of the ending revelations were too coincidental, the book left me guessing until the end.

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