Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Top Ten Tuesdays: Stay Tuned



Room  (book by Emma Donoghue)

Written under the voice of a five-year-old living in captivity, the novel is downright heartbreaking. Aside from bringing a pile full of tissues, and waterproof mascara, you might consider avoiding this very late at night or downloading that virtual companion app to walk home safely.  

Mockingjay Part II (book by Suzanne Collins)

The poster alone says we are in for a visual treat. After the three first movies, Mockingjay seems more than apt to provide that crazy farewell conclusion with a hoopla of expensive explosions. And lots of Peeta scenes!! 

Pride Prejudice and Zombies (book by Seth Graham-Smith)

The novel was way more humorous than gory, and although, I get the feeling that the film will remain faithful to that version, I still want to see it. Mostly for the lavish gowns. 

A Monster Calls (book by Patrick Ness)

The movie poster is not out yet, but the film is a done deal. This book is heartbreaking, five star worthy, please-hug-me material, and my advise is that whatever you do, don't go watch this alone. 

The Little Prince (book by Antoine de Saint-Exupery)

So the movie didn't make it to Quebec Canada (the trailer did though, go figure), and I'm still waiting to see what became of this pretty adaptation. 

The 5th Wave (book by Rick Yancey)

Aliens return to the big screen!! Did I mention that they look hot too?    

Victor Frankenstein (book by Mary Shelley)

Daniel Radcliffe. Enough said!

Batman v Superman (DC Comics)

The wait is long with this one. All the way until March. Christmas better go by fast.

Alice Through the Looking Glass  (book by Lewis Carroll)

The teaser trailer appeared last week, and the film looks good. The cinematography was great with the first one, and I'm certain Disney will put in as much effort this time around. 

 And finally Allegiant 

What movie adaptation are you looking for?


  1. I'm now excited for Alice 2 which I found out about after posting mine! I've also seen the trailer for Pride Prejudice and Zombies but I never read those books, never caught my attention but the trailer is kind of funny. Might have to try. Some good books on here! My Top Ten

  2. I am super excited for Mockingjay Part 2, it will be sad to see that series finished though! And I definitely want to watch The Little Prince. I've seen the trailer many times (it seemed to be before every movie I've watched this year!) and it really grew on me!

  3. Yes 5th Wave! And Allegiant!! Also Alice 2, though I wasn't overly impressed with the first one, I am still curious about this one! Totally forgot Viktor Frankenstein! Just started seeing previews for it this past week, so it's only slightly fresh on the brain after hearing about it initially some months ago! Great picks!

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    Have a GREAT day!

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  4. The Little Prince movie looks adorable!! My TTT

  5. I need to read Room. I liked the woman playing the main character in United State of Tara, so I think she'll be great in this.

  6. I need to read Room. I liked the woman playing the main character in United State of Tara, so I think she'll be great in this.

  7. Cannot wait for Mockingjay Part 2!
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