Friday, March 13, 2015

Book and Movie Challenge: Fifty Shades Of Grey

Can't believe midterms got in the way of this year's challenge, but now that it's all behind me, I was finally able to  relax and catch up on some movie adaptations.

Fifty Shades of Grey

Had to come in shades for this one

It is not by far an uncommon opinion that Jamie Dornan was not the most suitable actor to take on the role of Christian Grey. Something about him feels too soft, not at all what a BDSM experience should look like (at least not in my head). The script did not vary far from the book, except for the rules not being as strongly applied. It still revolved around the infamous contract that Anastasia refused to sign. Although, I must say that in the movie it seemed like she was taunting him by not signing, more that being reluctant about the whole process. Neither of the actors appear to be enjoying their roles which is where the biggest tragedy lies. Both Gone with the Wind and Dirty Dancing leads didn't not get along and yet they made their relationship swoon onscreen. Too bad these two couldn't take a few hints from them.

**If you've reviewed this film or any other movie adaptation this month, please make sure to leave your link below. I'm always searching for movies to watch or be aware of (renting isn't cheap, let's help each other out.)


  1. Great picture! Now I can't stop thinking about how the title of the book could be a great name for a shop that sells sunglasses. I haven't watched this movie yet, but seeing as I never even finished the book, I doubt that I'll watch it any time soon. I might, if it's ever on tv though.

    Book-movie reviews are something that I have planned to do in the future, but I haven't got around to finish any of those reviews so far.

    1. Yes! It would be a great name for a shop. Due to the amount of nudity , I doubt you'll ever see it on tv :s