Friday, March 27, 2015

Book and Movie Challenge: The Duff & Insurgent

Romance and Action --  who can ask for a better weekend?

The Duff

Despite the differences between the book and the movie, the subject of self-confidence was well examined, and I must say, somewhat inspirational. Bianca feels invisible after a school mate, Wesley, points out where she ranks in terms of hotness compared to her friends. Instantly, Bianca feels ugly, unfriending all of them from social media. Determined to shine on her own, she goes as far as to seek advice from Wesley (yeah, I know how pathetic that sounds) in regards to dress code and guy approach only to realize the importance of being herself. The movie had less sexual tension than the book, but was certainly funnier. I'd wait for the video though 3/5


The film opens with an action scene, giving us a taste of just how climatic the experience will be. Tris and Four are hiding out with a fellow dauntless (yes, Caleb is with them too) in the amity camp. Unfortunately their presence is not welcomed. Not only is Tris having problems adjusting to the outside world, but deep down, the remorse over her parents and Will's death is taking its toll on her. 

Just like in the movie, the special effects are impressive when it comes to the simulations. The only thing missing for me to rate the movie a 5 would be the connection between Shailene and Theo. Even the actor himself said that the sex scene was the funniest scene to shoot. Ouch! What happened? They were so much closer in Divergent  4/5

**If you've reviewed this film or any other movie adaptation this month, please make sure to leave your link below. I'm always searching for movies to watch or be aware of (renting isn't cheap, let's help each other out.)


  1. I haven't watched Insurgent yet, but I want to. I found the first movie to be ok, although not interesting enough to read the books, so I want to see what happens next, especially what happens to Four.

    1. Oh Four!! Always so brave and correct **swoon**