Monday, March 16, 2015

Review: Both of Me

Ever meet a guy with a double personality?

The first time Clara encountered Elias, he ended up with her bag by mistake. He had attitude about it too, and Clara was forced to wait a whole day to get it back. It was only until Elias's mother explained he had a multiple personality disorder that things began to make sense. Sort off! It turns out Elias has a calling across the country to  help a Kingdom far away, and Clara is destined to go along so that he may be whole again.

"If my brain finds whatever it wants in the real world, the other one won't need to create a new one to search in."

At first sight, I believed Both of Me to be a new YA take on Bridge to Terabithia, but when both characters set out on a road trip (their quest)  the story took a different shape. Sadly, new characters were introduced way too fast, and Elias decided to change his name and Clara's, so that we could differentiate when he was switching personalities which made the story more crowded. Every little obstacle they encountered always got resolved too fast.

On the plus side, the plot twist at the end was incredible.


  1. This book sounds a little confusing from the description. Its too bad it didnt live up to your expectations. <3 Bee @ Bee Reads Books

  2. After reading the synopsis, I was thinking of Bridge to Terabithia too, but this sounds a bit too crazy and confusing.