Sunday, November 25, 2012

Review: After Obsession

Review: After Obsession

First you invite him. Then comes the infestation. Once he's obsessed with you, there is no coming back. 

A YA horror about Aimee and Alan, two high school students who must battle against evil. After Alan moved in with his aunt to help her alleviate the grief of her husband's disappearance, he is surprised to see how aggressive the townsfolk are. But it is Courtney, Alan's cousin who perturbs him the most. It almost seems like she's possessed.  

And that's where the book picks up. "After the Obsession." Although the book had a lot of action, part of me remained agonizing over puzzling questions: Who is the demon? What does he want? Who invited him? 

I smell a sequel. 

Make sure to watch the book trailer. Close the lights, I dare you. 


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    1. Thanks. I just "linky'd" yours. Nice to meet fellow blook bloggers :)