Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Review: The Witch Hunter

And the hunter becomes the hunted

Back in the 16th century Britain, Elizabeth's parents died from the plague. She was taken in by Nicholas, an inquisitor who trained her to become a powerful witch hunter. But now the wheels have turned. And Elizabeth has been accused of witchcraft by the man who made her. The only hope is to follow the orders of a wizard, and join them instead. Still, why would they even want her?

The story is filled with wizards, witches, ghosts, seers, pirates, revenants, and healers -- way too many introductions, taking away precious space that could have been dedicated to the promised love triangle. Even though, the middle part dragged, allowing the reader to get attached to Elizabeth, the sequel appears to have a better set-up. 

Here's hoping it upholds the romance next time. 

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