Monday, October 17, 2016

Graphic Monday: Revival

Should we overlook the abundant cuss words?

Dana is a well-regulated cop (never reaches for her gun) and a part-time mom due to her workaholic tendencies. But we shouldn't judge her. After all she works in a world inhabited by revivers (disfigured revenants). These creatures aren't contagious and, unlike zombies, they don't bite. When a biologist, Ibrahaim, arrives in town to study them, the revenants start to rebel, killing their loved ones without realizing it. What exactly are they? 

First off, I'm no saint. During frustrated situations I can cuss like a road-raged driver. But this is a comic, and when everyone cusses all the time, it's difficult to discern the characters personalities. Frankly, it gave the impression that Seeley was doing it to make the writing more aggressive as a whole, which he didn't need to since the action was constantly on fast-paced mode. There are lots of characters with their own interesting backgrounds, four love affairs, media/religious crazed characters -- all in all a good gory show

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