Saturday, December 1, 2012

Review: Spookygirl Paranormal Investigator

Spookygirl is not a paranormal love story. In fact, there's very little romance involved. This allowed the author to focus on much more important issues such as bullying and the freedom to be yourself -- whether you are a ghost waiting to cross over, a jock, a Goth, or a misunderstood girl nicknamed Spooky. 

The character of Violet is well written, sounding like your average fifteen year old girl. She is scared of not being as good as her mother in paranormal investigations but still wants to follow her footsteps even if she has to do it alone. It is obvious that her desire to learn more about ghosts and helping them crossover has a lot to do with understanding what happened the night her mother died. Is her mother a ghost? If so why can’t she see her?

Recommended for readers who are searching for a Nancy Drew meets Paranormal Activity.  


  1. I think that I may really enjoy this book. I like mystery and when that mystery surrounds paranormal activity, I am all in. Thanks for your review. I love your rater.

    1. Thank you :) Hope you enjoy the book.