Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Review: Dead to You

This book should have been sponsored by Kleenex.

All it takes is one moment and your life can be ruined foreverIn the case of a child abduction, not only is one life ruined but several. After Ethan disappeared his parents wouldn't stop arguing  His younger brother Blake, fell into the background. Even a ''replacement'' child was born. But now that Ethan has returned to his family, can things go back to normal?

Nooooo! Hence, why the book is so interesting.

By having Ethan remember nothing from his traumatic past, what McMann did was create a different type of tragedy. Here we have a young man who has no memory whatsoever and thus just wants to move on with his life, while the rest of the family are the ones who are stuck forgetting what happened and dealing with guilt and trust issues, often taking it out on him.

Written with an edgy realistic voice, Dead to You, is a heartfelt novel that will leave you praying for a sequel.  

Also by Lisa McMann


  1. I'm really curious yet scared to find out what is keeping his memory blocked! Guess I need to pick this book up to find out. :)

    p.s. Thanks for stopping by the blog and following. And to answer your question about the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo graphic novel, yes, they cut out the first 150 pages of unnecessary info about all the financial stuff. Now a new follower!

    1. Yes, you will have to read it because I'm not telling you, lol.

      I'll definitely check out the graphic novel now. The cover looks amazing.

  2. oh this sounds so very intriguing... I'm left wondering too what those blocked memories are made up of...

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  3. Oooh, this does sound interesting. I've enjoyed other books by this author so I'm not sure why I haven't picked this one up. Now I think I may have to. :)

    1. I feel the same way, I still haven't read the Wake trilogy yet.