Sunday, February 24, 2013

Can Art Save Us ? The Plain Janes say yes

Jane Doe gets a makeover in this detailed illustrated graphic novel. Meet MainJane, BrainJane, SportyJane and DramaJane.

Yes, they are all named Jane. At first sight, they look like ordinary girls who care about nothing but their own existence. Not even sharing a conversation with each other. Then MainJane gets the bright idea of bringing them out of their shells through an art project collaboration called P.L.A.I.N. (People Loving Art in Neighborhoods) and changes the whole town.

It was interesting to see others reactions to their projects. Should a lawn filled with garden gnomes be considered a defecation of property? Or should art be treasured and recognized, inspiring us to be ourselves? The book does make great points on the matter.

But the "triangle" between MainJane, John Doe and Damon kept being pushed aside as secondary plot and was left inconclusive. I also wish the characters wouldn't have been so stereotypical.

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