Friday, April 26, 2013

Feature and Follow Friday: Counting Notes

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Q: If Is there a question that reminds you of a book or vice versa? What is the song and the book?

If I were to produce the soundtrack of this book (wouldn't that be a swell job) I would include Trent Dabbs' Counting Sleep. Honestly, the lyrics should speak for themselves:

            Maybe it's just me
  Lately I've been counting sleep
      I had a little talk with time
     Till it turned its back on me

         And I can't unwind
                                                            I can't unwind

              Tell me everything it's on my mind
           I'll fall in line again
               Tell me everything will be alright
         I'm worried about nothing
               Tell me everything it's on my mind
         I'll fall in line again
            Is it me? Cause these days I've been counting sleep
             These days I've been counting sleep

         Sitting in this room
        Wondering how to carry you
    And all the voices they said
    Just to uncheck tonight

     So I figured out
   When trying is done

   Find out the wrong and make it right
    Well tell me if you're afraid of the side by side
   Yeah side by side

(sorry, the only video I could find was from the Vampire Diaries soundtrack. Shame on Dabbs for not having an official video)


  1. That's a great pair of a book and a song! Excellent choice :)

    I had a hard time making a choice this morning, but I ended up with a song anyway... Old follower stopping by, here's my FF post for this week.

  2. I've not read the book, but love the song! Great choice :) Old follower.

    Traci @ Mad Hatter Reads

    1. Not my favorite book, but still good. Thanks for stopping by :)

  3. I LOVED SLAMMED. so i was excited to listen to the song it reminded you of xD love it! love love it it's quite a fun match xD following via linky!

    My FF:

  4. Haven't heard of them or the book. But yay for thinking of an example! I am envious by everyone who was able to think of one. I oculdn't really think of one myself because my brain doesn't tend to function that way.

    Although I did think of a really good song that can fit to a book. I just can't think of which book in particular to put it too! I am so weird. ;P

    Here's my Follow Friday

    Have a GREAT weekend!

    Old Follower :)

    1. Hard to think of one on the spot. Can't blame you :)

  5. Pretty catchy song. Nice choice!

    Thanks for stoping by my FF! Followed you back via GFC :)

    ~Andrea @ Beauty but a Funny Girl

  6. Love the song, will have to check out the book!
    Old follower hopping through.