Friday, November 1, 2013

November Welcomes Nanowrimo

50,000 words in 30 days.

A challenge many are willing to take this month for a creative writing project called Nanowrimo. Started in 1999, Nano encourages writers all over the world to unite, and write for the love of words. Authors like Rainbow Rowell and Sara Gruen wrote their masterpieces during Nano with great results.

Yours truly is participating this month , and attended a start-up party in Montreal for advice. Here are the top three:

1) To keep you from editing while you write -- keep a notebook -- you will have time to go back later on and will thus avoid unnecessary changes. 

2) Participate in Word Wars/ Sprints. Joining other Nanowrimos via the regional website or facebook and giving yourself time challenges, like 10 minutes writing non-stop, will keep you going and entertained. 

3) Relax. Type the words as they come to you without pressure. Remember you also need to enjoy the experience. 


  1. Yay, I am also doing Nanowrimo--for the first time ever. I am not too optimistic that I'll actually do 50k words in a month but it is worth a try! Good luck to you :-)

  2. Best of luck to you as well :D May the force be with you, lol

  3. Cool!! I'm doing Nanowrimo this year to. This is going to be my first time participating and I don't think I'll make it to 50k, because school is extra hard this month. But I think it will still be fun, even if I don't make it 50k.

    Thanks for the tips :D

    1. I made it to 35k last year and felt so proud. Good luck :D