Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Review: You Against Me

Can a perfect couple be destined not to be together?

"Blood is thicker than water" doesn't apply to Mikey, when he sets out to gain Ellie's trust and make her confess her brother is lying about having consensual sex with his sister. Ellie was in the house when it happened. She knows the truth. But will falling in love with Ellie force Mickey to desist the cause and put family second?

Jenny Downham concentrates on showing her story through dialogue, making it more personal and entertaining to read. If only both Mikey and Ellie weren't so confused. Same as Romeo and Juliet's relationship was overtaken by their family's hate, Mikey and Ellie aren't given enough time to fall in love "properly" with good flirting and laughs and all the closeness we are searching for in a couple. 

You against me, is a realistic story, although the situation is nightmarish to the point where it doesn't feel like a romance story at all.

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