Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Review: Cleopatra Confesses


A first person account by the Queen of the Nile. 

Cleopatra's early life was never documented, nor were her portrait and birth records. Therefore this marks the first time, Cleopatra Confesses her story between the age of 10 to 22.

Sadly for us, the vivacious Cleopatra capable of conquering everything she dreamed off -- like the great Caesar -- did not exist until much later. Instead we meet a young to-be-queen with no self-preservation instincts. Cleopatra knows someone will harm her or turn others against her, and yet she doesn't act. What else can we expect from a 10 year old?

Regardless of the slow story line, the characters are realistic and Meyer's strong voice always present. The sibling rivalry controls the pace, as sisters Tryphaena, Berenike, Arsinoe, and her brother Ptolemy II all try to assassinate her. 

Not the best Carolyn Meyer book on the market, but a splendid effort nonetheless. 

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