Thursday, October 17, 2013

Zombie Walk coming soon to Montreal

Are Zombies ready to take over the streets?

World War Z terrorized the screen recently, demonstrating just how fascinated the world is with the undead. Whether it is their lunatic stare or attractive red color, Zombies got it going on. This year, Montreal is planning a Zombie Walk on October 19th as are many other cities across Canada this month.

What you need to know

Get there early. CPR Makes You Undead, a program organized by The Heart & Stroke Foundation will provide a 3 step free training. Learn to save a life in just 10 minutes and become an anti-zombie hero.

How to Fit in 

The living might have their crazy high fashion standards, but the dead accept everyone -- and I mean everyone -- as long as you are, well, dead. A simple mixture of corn syrup and drops of red food coloring can create blood in no time. But if you are of creative nature, you might want to adopt a character role. 

Last and not least

Turn your cell phones on silent, unless you enjoy grrrr conversations. Remember to stare those delicious onlookers while you are running, and limping, creeping through the streets. And please, wear comfortable shoes.  

Zombie picture provided by Montreal Zombie Walk. 


  1. So cool! We have some zombie walks around here in Ohio. I went to my first one with my husband, our two kids, and my friend's niece. It was so much fun plus for a good cause - donating food for the homeless. It's coming up again this Saturday, and we're all going again.

    Last year, we bought cheap t-shirts and tore them up a bit, rolled them around in the dirt and grass, and splashed them with fake blood. We painted our faces all torn up and bloody, lol. This year we're going to dress up again. Awesome to know there are zombie walks all over! :D

    1. Wow, those are really good tips and it's nice to hear Ohio collects food for a good cause. This is my first zombie walk. So exciting :D