Sunday, October 27, 2013

Review: Wild Born

Put aside the vampires! The supernatural genre just got more interesting as beasts and humans connect in a special spiritual quest to save the world. 

Rollan, Meilin, Abeke and Conor, all drank a cup of nectar at their eleventh birthday. It is tradition; a rite of passage that will determine which children in Erdas are chosen to carry on a bond with a spirit animal. Not all of them are happy with the results. Rollan, for instance, is hesitant of drinking the nectar and joining the chosen ones. While, Meilin -- a young girl with secrets up her sleeve -- is disappointed to be paired with a panda. Can't blame her, really, compared to the others she got the most docile of animals. 

As they begin to understand the importance of their mission, the story takes a darker tone. Bradon Mull used cleverly written fight scenes, misleading characters, and a visual scenery reminiscent of Africa and Asia. 

A great story that will delight fans of The Golden Compass


  1. I love this series' concept and the cover is so adorable!
    -Scott Reads It!

    1. They even made a PC game :) gotta love those extras