Friday, October 4, 2013

Feature and Follow Friday: Am I missing out

Parajunkee Alison Can Read


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Q: What book (or TV show or movie) have you not read that seemingly everyone else has?

Books : Beautiful Disaster, The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer, Daughter of Smoke and Bone, Shadow and Bone, Obsidian, Easy, Under the Never Sky

TV Shows: Breaking Bad, The Tudors, True Blood

MOVIES: A Beautiful Mind, All about Eve, The Help, The Hobbit, The Cabin in the Woods 


  1. You have a few of my favorite books on your list!! I've read them all except Shadow and Bone. But I can relate to your TV and movie choices. A Beautiful Mind and The Hobbit are the only ones I've seen in the bunch.

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  2. Okay, EVERYONE is saying Breaking Bad!! What's the deal with this show? Why haven't I heard about the buzz about this show?! I mean I've heard of it, but no one I know, I guess, is addicted to it. I've never seen it myself either.

    Quite a few of those books would be on my list too I guess. Although I am not sure I would say that I want to read them. Except for Obsidian of course. Looooooove that series!

    Never seen the movie choices either. Although I am really picky with movies lately and rarely go to the theater to see one unless it looks really really good!

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    Have a GREAT weekend!

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  3. I'm usually not a fan of the YA genre, but I absolutely LOVED Beautiful Disaster. You should definitely read it :) Breaking Bad I'm still trying to make the time for...but reading always gets in the way.
    I watched the first 4 seasons of True Blood, mainly because I loved the books. The first 2 seasons were great, and then it just got waaay to weird. At least for me. But I may be biased because it turned completely away from the books. *shrugs*

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    Lkay @ DirtyGirlRomance

  4. thanks for stopping by. I totally agree with your selection. I need to watch/read them.

  5. I haven't read or seen anything you listed except the last three movies. I did start watching the first season of True Blood but I didn't like it. The early books were WAY better. I really want to watch The Tudors soon.

  6. I've heard a lot about The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer, but haven't read it either. Also you should really watch The Hobbit and The Cabin in the Woods - they are both great movies.

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  7. I watched the cabin in the woods with my friends and it was seriously boring. I feel asleep watching it.

  8. Ah True Blood. See, as someone who loved the first books in the Southern Vampires Mysteries, I can't say I'd recommend it. Then again, if you have nothing against stuff being changed, then it is a somewhat good series.

    Beautiful Disaster was awesome in my opinion. Same for Obsidian. And I loved The Hobbit (or as I like to think of it The Richard Armitage show) Thanks for stopping by! New follower