Monday, October 21, 2013

Review: Marie Antoinette Serial Killer

Despite the fact of Marie Antoinette's grandeur, Katie Alender doesn't let her steal the show. 

At first glance, Colette Iselin, is just a typical mean girl's pawn. Pretending to be wealthy in order to fit in, she has to scarf down her paid class trip meals in silence, then tell her friends she isn't hungry as they order succulent à la carte platters. But a visit to Versailles changes her path, as Colette learns she is linked with Marie Antoinette's traitor, and the failed Queen's ghost wants revenge. 

Marie Antoinette Serial Killer describes Paris with such visual detail, you can't help but feel like you are there. The characters imperfections help maintain that reality and pushes the story forward. Knowing she can't count on her friends for help, Colette reaches out to an ostracized nerdy girl and a sweet French tour guide Jules, to unravel the mystery and get rid of Marie Antoinette's ghost before she causes more damage. 

Love in Paris, murder, and mean girls at war -- it's hard to say no to this book. 

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