Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Review: Hereafter

It's official, we have our answers.

Last January, Shadowlands, ended in a massive cliffhanger with lots of questions marks. Rory Miller was being chased by an obsessed teacher/serial killer who received his comeuppance when her new friends from Juniper Landing "took care" of him before telling Rory that she was stuck in the island forever.

Hereafter continues right were it left off. This time, Kate Brian develops the role of Joaquim a lot better, although too many things are going on for the possibility of any romance whatsoever. With the disappearance of Steven Nell,  a new evil character will take his spot, providing the story with a dash of mystery once again. 

The point-of-view switch still fells unnecessary, but the turnabout in Rory's life makes the book impossible to put down.  

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