Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Review: The Bridge from Me to You

Lauren and Colby have something in common -- their parents don't understand them. Although, Colby is talented at football, and his best friend Benny would switch places with him at once, he does not aspire to play in college. Lauren, on the other hand, wishes her mom would take an interest in her life. Too bad, alcohol turned her mom into an abusive parent who would rather raise Lauren's baby brother but discard her at a relative's home. Can meeting one another help them feel the love and support they both desperately need?

Schroeder heightens both point-of-views with a mixture of narrative and prose. It was interesting to see Colby's fascination with bridges. His entire personality and the way he includes Lauren with his group -- presenting her to girls she might hit it off -- was swooning. Eventually, Colby and Lauren will have to deal with their respective families, but until then, it's nice to watch them fall, learn, and grow. 

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