Monday, August 18, 2014

Review: The Rising

All the supernaturals of Kelley Armstrong's Darkness and Darkest series combine for this impending conclusion. 

For Maya, the worst part of the experiment wasn't the shapeshifter side effects, but being separated from her loved ones. Now that everyone thinks they are dead, and a fake funeral is put in place, the only solution to gaining their lives back is by striking a deal with the Cabals. But is negotiation possible or are they all running into a trap?

Having read the Darkest series, I was guarded as to how Armstrong would mix all main characters. Strangely, it was newcomer Ash -- Maya's long lost brother -- who held my intrigue the most. In his own aloof way, he helped her grow into a more decision oriented character. Not only is she the one to pressure the Cabals for a deal, but she also puts an end to the Rafe/Daniel love triangle that monopolised the series. 

Although the ending is open to interpretation, most questions about their powers and the possibility of a cure are answered. 

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