Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Review: Cress

A retell of Rapunzel that demonstrates how far the power of imagination can go. 

Cinder is still on the run, but the impending marriage between New Earth leader and love interest Kai, with throne usurper, Queen Levana, has got her changing course. Not only must she stop this wedding; she has to take back the Lunar crown before the Letumosis virus that Levana is threatening the earthlings with goes viral.

Newcomer Cress couldn't be more fit to join this group. Based on Rapunzel, Cress is a computer hacker, doomed to live alone on a satellite while dreaming of love and freedom. Her shyness is endearing, particularly when she begins to grow out of her shell. Meyers also included several aspects of the classic fairy-tale, including blindness. As always, the action is packed with humorous undertones.

A great addition to the series.

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