Friday, November 7, 2014

Review: The Perks of Being a Wallflower

''We accept the love we think we deserve.''

Are there perks to being a wallflower? Charlie might seem like a peaceful introvert, but behind his mask, he deals with loss, watching his sister suffer from physically abuse, his best friend shun for his sexual orientation and his crush being called easy. The list on disastrous love relationships is long. With all of these demons eating him up inside, can he remain a wallflower forever?

It's true, I often criticize books that focus on narration more than dialogue. They go against the "show don't tell" rule. But there's something different about this one. 

First, Charlie spoke directly to diary me his friend, creating some sort of platonic relationship between us. He's an introvert. And his fear of displeasing others, especially when he forced himself to do things that made him uncomfortable, was difficult to observe. I kept praying for his character to grow. Also the novel was kept short, with lots of hot topics to maintain the reader's attention.

Great for book clubs. 

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