Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Review: The Shackles of Constantine

Jade isn't your typical teenage girl -- she can summon fire. 

Enrolling at Constantine Academy should have made her more at ease, but no one else seems to share Jade's gift. When one of the students is burned by Jade in self-defense class, Jade is coerced to learn an illegal charm to make amends or face expulsion. But with the founder of Constantine Academy on the loose, will Jade be used as a weapon against evil or for evil?

I admit I felt uncomfortable around Jade's character at first. It wasn't an illogical feeling, as Jade herself felt unwelcome in her own skin. Even when she transfers from schools, every student who approaches her, like fellow classmate Justine, Jade doubts their motifs, unable to see the potential of a true friendship. But as the story flows, Jade starts growing more confident in herself and her abilities, forming an even better crew with Matt and Aaron. 

Looking forward to the sequel.

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