Monday, June 1, 2015

Review: All's Fair in Love and Cupccakes

Build me up buttercup, but don't break my heart.

Lucas loves Kat so much he's not only her number one baking fan, but also secretly inscribes her into a cupcake competition in NYC. Kat's really excited, and doesn't hesitate to take him along as an assistant. But sadly, as her chances to win keep growing, Lucas fears he will loose her after the show is done. Is it okay to sabotage Kat's chances just to keep her to himself?

Although, the reality show part was a fun concept, it was difficult not to be disappointed with Lucas'personality. He had guts to stand up for Kat, to encourage her dreams in numerous ways -- but when it came to say I love you he couldn't. Not that he lacked the opportunity. 

A bit too repetitive, but I admit, the cupcakes recipes look yummy.

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