Thursday, June 18, 2015

Review: Undertow

Don't call them Mermaids.

They prefer to be called Alpha. One day they showed up ashore on Coney Island and claimed refugee status. Now the youth are allowed to integrate high school, and due to a class stunt gone wrong Lyric is designated to introduce their prince, Fathom, to human life. But what will happen if he discovers her greatest secret -- that she isn't human either?

Alpha, Sirena, or even sons of the ocean -- Buckley created a new race with special fighting abilities. Of course, he mixed the political aspect of it all, adding on to the tension. But it's the relationship between Lyric and her loved ones that keep me turning pages. Her best friend Bex deals with domestic abuse and Buckley weaves it well into the story. 

A great new series that promises lots of romance.

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