Thursday, February 11, 2016

Review: Best Hair Book Ever

Falling into routine is a slow death. This book illustrates several ways girls can alter their hairstyles and be fashionable. If you want to profit this tutorials to the max. I advise you have some dry shampoo, sea salt spray, volume powder (Got2B makes an excellent one) elastics, hair accesories, hair chalk, and if possible, an extra pair of hands.

Even though, the pictures were of excellent quality (large, taking over the whole page), styling your head is not as simple as it looks. Except for braids, the hair dos simply came with written instructions.

Like: Remove a lock of hair from a tied ponytail. But how -- the whole thing falls apart when I do? Also, how am I supposed to keep the little fly airs from going wild?

Too bad this book couldn't come with a how-to DVD.

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