Sunday, February 7, 2016

Review: Red Queen

Anyone can betray you, becomes a warning to hold on tight in this new YA fantasy series.

In Mare's world, citizens not only bleed red or silver, but the color of their blood affects their reign as well as magical powers. Red's are considered worthless. But when Mare is given the chance to work at the palace and discovers her magical gift to control lightning everything changes. She's immediately betrothed to prince Maven, and plans are set in motion for her to become a Red Queen. But why are they so keen on keeping her at all? Can Mare really stop the Reds from rebelling against the royals?

Aveyard added a lot of tension and quickly turned this fantasy into a thriller. We had a group of rebels that helped carry the story along, as characters were divided by right and wrong. Although I did enjoy the love triangle between Mare and the princes, I found the action and magical abilities of some (like Queen Elara) to be even more entrancing.

Looking forward to the sequel.


  1. This book sounds AWESOME!! I need to put it on my list :)
    <3/ Julie Ann