Saturday, March 12, 2016

Book and Movie Challenge: Room

It's no wonder Room got so much praise at the Oscars.  

If you`ve read the book, then you expected the tears that this movie would undoubtedly cause. However, the book was written under the voice of 5 year-old Jack, making it even more realistic in the tone. Let's face it, a five-year-old child can't lie or embellish the truth. Therefore the captivity that him and his mom were forced into by Old Nick appeared even more gruesome in the hardcover.

That is not to say that the movie lacked in tone. Being character driven, it relied on Jacob Tremblay(Jack) and his mom played by Brie Larson (Joy) to impress us with their acting. I have no clue how the director coached Jacob into performing so well, but they really do pull us into the story and allow us to experience what it would be like to overcome an abduction.

All in all, an amazing adaptation that deserves to be watched and read.

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