Friday, March 25, 2016

Review: Dear Emma

''I wanted to come up with the perfect text, and the perfect time to send it, and to know what the exact right move was to keep him from just ... ignoring me.''

Girls night often (if not always) brushes the topic of relationships. Why didn't he text me back?, He seems weird lately, and yeah, odd sex moves (like last time this dude put his hand on my throat while... sorry TMI). This book dissects all of that.

Heaney inspired herself from Jane Austen's Emma, and delivered us a modern female college columnist who provides love advice once a week to her readers. Sadly for ''Emma'' (she uses a pen name) her love life is chaotic. Her dating partner, Keith (I wish and so does she that we could call him boyfriend), has stopped texting her. Even in person, he downright ignores her. And worse, social media suggests that he's seeing another girl who Emma works with. Can Emma give this girl relationship advice, and most importantly, what can she do to stop missing Keith?

I love how this books makes us feel human. How we are not alone in going through these things. But most of all, Emma's column was extremely well written with powerful advice for college students, people in the dating pool, and friendships.

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