Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Review: Crash

Final Destination meets Romeo and Juliet in Lisa Mcmann's Crash, but fails to rival either story. 

The book opens with Jules having a vision of her crush, Sawyer Angotti, getting killed in a restaurant explosion. Then, she has it again. And again. And again....

The first half dragged with her unable to tell Sawyer or even admitting to herself that what she was seeing, was real. Partly because of the mental illness history in her family, and partly because she likes him. No girl wants to look foolish in front of mister right. I get that.

But half into the book, we were still being fed the same dialogue.  And to make matters worse, Mcmann's uses incomprehensible swear words, limiting the love story to a PG10 rating. 

Hopefully, the sequel will provide us with a bigger climax.  

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  1. LOL. I'm actually okay with PG-10 especially the way everything is going in the R direction.

    1. I completely agree. It doesn't have to go too far, a hug is sometimes more meaningful than a kiss. Gratuitous love scenes take away from the characters. Still, BookCupid wants romance, lol, a meaningful one. Especially when the premise is based on forbidden love.

  2. What does he say like fudge or something because that would be hilarious. I agree that it's better than the ridiculous amounts of R rated curse words in books these days. I've heard nothing but bad reviews with this book so I'm not surprised you didn't like it. It would have been nice to have another Romeo and Juliet as long as they had more common sense (;

    1. Mainly oh my dogs.

      I did love Dead to you by Lisa McMann, though. It was very deep.