Saturday, May 4, 2013

Review: Level Up

When my cousin was born, my uncle promised to mold him into a doctor. Years later, he put him through medical school, a place my cousin hated so much he became a psychiatrist; that way he could have his own office, his business, without the need to clean oozy wounds. I always wondered if this was the true meaning of a compromise, or simply the lack of confidence to stand up for yourself.

In Level Up, Dennis' Dad wants him to become a gastroenterologist. But all Dennis wants to do is play videogames. I love how the author begins by putting us in the middle. No one would want to be told what profession to follow, and yet, anything seems better than being an addict. Just when it looks like Dennis won't change his mind, his dad dies and his whole world crumbles. 

Cleverly designed with levels one, two, and three -- the story enfold in a comfortable pace. Dennis even gets a ''conscious'' disguised as little guardian angels along the way. 

All in all,  Luen Yang teaches us about the peace we get when we sacrifice ourselves for another, and the way it slowly rots us inside.

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  1. Sounds like an interesting read. I like the idea of a conscious as an outside thing showing him the way.

    1. Me too, especially since it can work for you and against you by driving you insane, lol.