Sunday, May 12, 2013

Review: Every Little Thing in the World

Every little thing in the world stopped once Sydney found out she was pregnant. How could she think of anything else? The father is a guy she barely knows, she is sixteen, and has a hard time integrating into her own broken family, let alone start one of her own.

To make matters worse, she gets shipped to a camp with her best friend Natalia, who volunteered. But Sydney can't see it. For most of the book, the jealousy toward her friend Natalia is horrendous and very realistic of a teenager with self-esteem issues. She even crushes on Natalia's beaus, Steve and Mick. 

In fact she crushes on everybody even though she is pregnant, making it hard to connect with her as a character. Too bad Natalia wasn't the protagonist, as the author placed a lot more importance to detail when it came to her family and love life, providing her with a steady boyfriend and a hot camp guy that would make many ladies swoon.

All in all, I enjoyed how teens shared their different views on abortion. It must not be easy to have a child at sixteen and I couldn't blame Sydney for considering her options.

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