Sunday, December 15, 2013

Review: The Boy from the Woods

Can a player change into a perfect gentleman over night?

Julia's heart goes on a beating rampage when Michael, her ultimate crush, spends the entire prom dancing with her. One thing leads to another and she loses her virginity to him. But later Michael tells her it was meaningless. So how can Michael become sweet and loving toward her after hitting his head during a motorcycle accident? Is there something inside those woods?

Setting the story in Salzburg provides us with a beautiful background. However, it is sympathetic Julia who steals the show. Not only does she suffer from every girl's nightmare, but is able to learn from it. She doesn't pine over him or beat herself down with remorse. Instead, she distracts herself with her best friend Gaby, and spends quality time with her sister.

All in all, Jen Minkman maintains the balance between reality and supernatural very well, revealing an interesting plot twist.

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