Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Review: Dreams of Significant Girls

Three unlikely girls bond at a summer camp and form a lasting friendship.

All of them are different, and not due to their ethnic or religious background. Instead, we meet conflicting personalities. Ingrid, the loud one, who enjoys having a reputation. Shirin, the introvert despite of the fact she is an actual Iranian Princess who'd never stepped out of the castle. And lastly, Vivien, who lives preoccupied by her father's marital affair. 

Although the characters did show potential --including three different point-of-views -- the story relied solely on narrative. Important plot twists such as  Shirin stealing pastries, or the girls first sexual encounters were briefly mentioned. Even the rape scene was glanced at. Seeing the girls share very little of their emotions or fears made their decade lasting friendship unlikely. 

The ending was historically powerful, but again too narrative. Too bad the story didn't go deeper instead of just scratching the surface.

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