Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Review: Death Sentence

Here comes the rebellion. 

This third installment of the Escape from Furnace series continues right where the previous cliffhanger left us: Alex being abducted by the Wheezers. Worse, this time around, he is forced to join their gang as his body is mutilated with poisonous addictive injections called nectar. Alex now has super strength, and an altered physique. But will he be able to live in the outside world without the nectar?

Alex Gordon Smith did an amazing job creating havoc in Furnace by making alliances between prisoners. Sworn enemies, the 59ers and the Skulls, unite with Alex for the better good. Cast also includes Zee, Simon, and even Donovan is mentioned several times. The non-stop action pushes through page after page, making the book impossible to put down. 

Looking forward to read book four: Fugitives.  

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