Friday, January 3, 2014

Adrenaline Junkies in YA: What exactly are they teaching us?

The dictionary defines adrenaline as a hormone secreted each time our pulse races -- thus increasing our physical performance in great moments of stress. Addicted to this crazy rush, I've decided to look back into YA novels and see who else has fallen victim to adrenaline. Perhaps we can learn a thing or two.

Rock Climbing

Maya Delaney loves rock climbing with her friends on Vancouver island. One of the many advantages of adrenaline, is the level of concentration it provides you. Therefore allowing Maya to remain alert and cautious while going up the rocks.


Josie Peters might not have to deal with heights -- but let's not kid ourselves -- racing through various jumps and obstacles isn't easy at all. One false move and you can injure yourself. One awesome move and you feel golden.

Getting a Tattoo

Due to the nerves and pain when receiving a tattoo, the body releases adrenaline as well. Many tattooed friends claim to become addicted to this rush, and always go back for a third.

Outdoor Sex

The fear of getting caught, especially when one is making out can create an explosive rush. Too bad Meg gets caught by a cop (or maybe it was a good thing since he is described as extremely hot.) Adrenaline going up!


Don't want to wind up in jail for an adrenaline rush? Not a problem. Just get up on stage and sing your heart out for all to hear. If you want to pump the adrenaline higher, be sure to record it and post it on YouTube.

Cliff Jumping

Since ending a relationship lowers your endorphin, thus making you hormones imbalanced, why not raise them back up by jumping off a cliff. Bella certainly did. If, by any means, you don't have a supernatural pal waiting for you on the other end, and wish for a more secure fall, then I suggest the last adrenaline rush on our list.

Flying Trapeze

You get to dive twenty five feet while being securely attached with a harness. Believe me (right there in the blue shirt), once you cross your legs at the bar and release your hands the adrenaline rushes through at an incredible speed. Repeat ten times.

Feel free to share your adrenaline rush stories.

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