Thursday, January 23, 2014

Review: The Dead-Tossed Waves

Bolt down the doors, the Unconcecrated are back!

It's been years since Mary escaped from the Forest of Hands and Teeth, leaving behind love ones without a second thought. She moved inside a lighthouse, where she raised her teenage daughter, Gabry, to fear the zombies that invade the village. But when Gabry and her friends break the boundary everything comes crashing down.
It felt awkward at first to see a YA character like Mary grow up in terms of responsabilities, but not within. This time we needed a lead that was going to take the story in a different direction. Thank you Gabry for showing us a conscience at work.

A bitten boyfriend, a secret cult and a weapon against the virus -- Carrie Ryan packs a lot of punch in this sequel. If only it hadn't been stretched out to the max in order to push for a trilogy. 



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  2. Thank you so much. What an honor :D