Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Movie Time: If I Stay

If I Stay directed by R.J. Cutler

Blooming star Chloe Grace Moretz from Hugo, takes over the role of Mia in Gayle Forman's book adaptation. Those who read the book, know that most of the story takes place in flashbacks as Mia skims through her memories, after a tragic car accident that left her an orphan. Is love enough of a reason to continue to stay alive?

If I stay places all the action on the main characters. In fact, the accident scene is incredibly rushed, Mia waking up when the ambulance is already there. The book was a lot more detailed. As a reader, that's what connected me to Mia. Watching her go through all that anguish of finding her family members one after the other except for little brother Teddy (Jakob Davies). This time around, I felt, disconnected from her. It seemed the only thing Mia cared about was to fit it. Whether with Adam (Jamie Blackley) or best friend Bri's (Liana Liberato) opinion of Adam and her.

So, the film concentrates more on Adam and Mia's romance. Showing us that aside from family, we can experience other types of love. Love that we choose and love that chooses us.

Strangely, the most powerful lines of the film are delivered by Mia's grandfather (Stacy Keach). A man with a small role but with strong words.


  1. OMG this sounds awful! I was really looking forward to watching this movie because I loved the novel but now I'm not so sure :(

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    1. The scene where the rock band help Adam come into the ICU is removed. Why :(

    2. Really?! I'm so not going to watch this movie! :-/ Thanks for your review! I'm not ready to face yet a another disappointment after watching Vampire Academy! :P