Thursday, September 4, 2014

Review: Riley Mae and the Rock Shocker Trek

With fame comes responsibility -- and Riley Mae shows us how it's done. 

Becoming a spokesperson for a running shoe line was a dream come true, until Riley discovered just how much her life would change. Not only is her schedule completely full, but if she wasn't receiving the shoes for free, she wouldn't be able to afford them. Yet girls try to do anything for a pair. Except for her friend Rusty, who doesn't even eat now that her dad lost his job. Can Riley use her fame for a purpose and secretly help Rusty buy food without her parents or softball team noticing?

Riley is the kind of child any parent would dream off. She hates the schedule, but obeys it. Takes her friend's struggles to heart. Respects her family. With a girl like Riley -- what could possibly go wrong? But Osborne surprised me with a mystery subplot that I did not see coming. The last part of the book is filled with action, an assassin, and a humorous pair of siblings.

Prepare for a cliffhanger ending, literally.


  1. With that cover, I would have never thought of action and an assassin in the book. I'm curious about that subplot now.

    1. So true! Kids are growing up faster now O_O