Monday, August 17, 2015

Review: Miss Emily

May we all find a boss like Miss Emily

Ada says goodbye to Ireland, and heads to America where she finds job as a maid. Although, most of the family is quite reserved, Miss Emily, the shyest of the patrons, takes interest in Ada. She considers her a friend. Helping her find a place to stay and even consoling her after a family loss. But what will happen when a crime turns everyone against Ada? Will Emily still stand up for her?

Not only did O'Connor write a superb book, with the proper dialect that made the reader feel present in another era, but she also tackled the harsh topic of rape. I was surprised to see that the characters didn't just hush the problem away. It became more about the injustice that women go through in this cases, and how we must stand together.

A great and fast read.

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