Thursday, August 13, 2015

Review: Return to Kaitlin

How far would you go to earn some fast cash?

Tyler's been having a rough year. Not only did his girlfriend dump him, but now, he is being removed from school due to his low grades. Unable to afford to retake most of his classes, Tyler sees no other solution than to move to Alberta for some quick cash. Unfortunately, Ty will not only need to be confronted with the importance of saving for rainy days and the actual price of food and housing -- he will also need to learn to defend himself. Even if it means standing up against his own addictions.

A survey says that 79% of teens drink in Alberta. Which is crazy considering that the city's population is not that high compared to the rest of Canada. It hurt seeing Tyler drink himself to sleep, and get into several pointless fights. Some life lessons are learned the hard way, and Tyler needed a big revelation in order to grown up and become more disciplined.

Lots of research and information about the Northern job positions and lifestyle.


  1. Awesome review. That's sad that 79% of teens drink (unless that's fake in the book).
    I might read this just for seeing how they show Canada. :P
    I think your rating system (hearts on the arrow) is so cool!!!

    Sydney @ Miss Movie of Canada

    1. It's a very cold side of Canada, that's for sure lol... but it's still a beautiful country. Thank you :)